19 September 2010

At the beach

I am still in the rusty business. I have been making candle sticks from beads and some extra sticks for flower pots too. Went to the beach near the place I am living for the moment and took the pictures. It is autumn and very windy, but the sun is shining to day.

The spanish online miniature magazine Taller des Miniaturas asked me to make some tutorials for the october edition, so I will describe my work with the rusty theme there.


  1. As "rust" you ... no other!
    Beautiful your work and your photos on the windy beach: I am the daughter of a photographer and I live on an island, so I want both!
    Mini hugs, Flora

  2. You continue to do it Susanne... Once again I'm blown away by your stunning mini items and your photos. The beach makes a fabulous studio. The weather looks a lot better at your locantion than mine...

  3. Susanne, your rusty candlesticks are divine! And so appropriate for the beach.... nothing stays un-rusty near the ocean! I love the beach photos.... I love seeing minis out in the real world.... Thank you! I look forward to your tutorial!

  4. What a lovely setting for your rusty items - it's all very co-ordinated! I like these a lot.

  5. Lovely photos Susanne, you found a perfect scenery for your astonishing rusty work, I just love it.
    Ana Maria

  6. Tus escenas las trabajas en unos ambientes maravillosos. Esta mesa está llena de maravillas para un anticuario o una casa con mucha historia. Me encantan.
    Besos Clara

  7. OH that is so nice to hear you will be published! Good luck! You deserve it Susanne!

  8. Estoy deseando ver ese articulo publicado felicidades, sus trabajos se merecen ser reconocidos por la mayoría.
    un abrazo

    I'm excited to see this article published happiness, their jobs deserve to be recognized by the majority.
    a hug

  9. Hi Susanne, congratulations on being published in the near future :-)
    I love your items and I love the Danish beach. I want to go there! Where is it by the way, maybe I have been there once.
    Love , Lara

  10. Thank you so much all of you!
    Lara, Følle Beach is a very small beach 20 km outside of (north) Århus, in fact in the middle between Ebeltoft (I know you have been there) and Århus. It´s an old and very relaxed place in the countryside, with no famous beaches but very tranquile. You can see the ruins of Kalø Castle from there, I think you may know that place.
    Love, Susanne

  11. I'm really loving the candle sticks! It is hard to stop aging things once you've started, isn't it:) Love how you took them to the beach to photograph them, Makes a lovely backdrop!!

  12. Congratulations on the tutorials -- I love these pieces and the amazing patina you get on them!

  13. Wau! I love those candle sticks!

  14. Hi Susanne, I have found it on the map and I might have been there, but I´m not sure. But it is still the most relaxing and best way to spend my vacation.
    Love, Lara

  15. Hej Susanne

    Sikke nogle flotte ting du har lavet.
    Jeg kunne godt tænke mig at få et link til det spanske onlin magasin, jeg har søgt på nette uden held
    Knus Tove

  16. ..linket er http://tallerdeminiaturas.blogspot.com/

  17. Son unas piezas preciosas, seguro que quedaran fantasticas donde las pongas.
    Unas maravillosas fotografias.
    besitos ascension

  18. Firstly, congratz , Susanne on being published. I will look forward to the Oct issue more now ;). I do love the magazine and the spirit, effort and camaraderie behind it. Although I do not read Spanish, the pictures are often very detailed.

    These pieces are marvellous. There's something about age that gives credibility . I don't think I like new things anymore. I even prefer overnight food. LOL! Great work, Susanne

  19. Wow! it would great to read your tutorials!!!

  20. Your rusty things are all fabulous!!
    Lovely pics at the beach!

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