6 August 2010

Childhood dreams

Sometimes when I order miniatures from Miniseum.dk , I get a small gift too. This time is was a small pink miniature book, that brought me back to the time, when I was a little girl 8-10 years and read a LOT of books. The PUK-books were dedicated to girls, boys were not supposed to read them.
PUK was a very smart and brave girl who lived in a boarding school in the country side, because her mum had died, and her father had to work in Chile. She made good friendships (and an enemy too..but handled that very cleverly), and she even managed to solve some crimes, and save a couple of lives. She also did horseback riding and had a lot of fancy clothes bought all over the world. I often dreamt of being like her when times were rough ;-)
The danish illustrator Christel was famous for the covers of the books. Here are a couple of them found on Google.

She also made paperdolls of PUK (and later of more grown up ladies with curves and long legs), some of them you could find in the oatmeal boxes...

The first drawings here are from the 1950´ties, the last one from the 1980´ties, that might not be of Puk...


  1. Such a pretty gift you´ve got. I remember the PUK-books, and I´ve always been a great fan of Christels drawings... My sister has a collection of her paperdolls.

  2. Hi Susanne ... I do not know the book in question but the cover is lovely, both the miniature version and the original.
    I read "Little Women" and "Pippi Longstocking" :-)
    Mini hugs, Flora

  3. They look like wonderful books. How perfect that you received it at a gift.

  4. What a wonderful little gift :) I love the stuff the the store has in, I might have to ask some help from you :)

  5. Ira, feel free to email me if I can help you with anything.
    Love, Susanne

  6. What a lovely gift and so nice what you write about Puk and the history.
    Gr. Nancy

  7. Smil. I also remember PUK and I love to read them. I enjoyed so much that I got almost the complete collection and as the saver I am I still got them. I hope that my little girl maybe fells like reading them one day and enjoy them just as much as I did. Well.... I can only hope. SMILE