26 July 2010

Tea with the gardener

Well, I decided to have tea with the gardener to night in the kitchen instead of the orangerie, so we could talk about getting som new (old) roses and redecorating the orangerie a little bit. I would like new tiles on the floor at the least. I knew he would percieve it as an extra burden of work, so I tried to make it all very nice and cosy for him. First I turned down the light, then I set the table with the beautiful china and tea cosy from Rosanna, and then again I added the delicous cupcakes, I once got as a gift from Christel. Of course I added a few books about roses, maybe I should have brought the one named "Orangerie dreams" too? Come to think of it, he is in fact a very sweet person, the gardener...
Click on the pictures to enlarge, please.


  1. Je bent zo aardig voor de tuinman dat hij het werk niet kan weigeren...
    Geweldige presentatie Susanne


  2. Ooh, I'm so sorry for my Dutch language...

  3. What a fabulous scene, I can almost smell the tea!

  4. Thank you, both of you!
    Heleni: Dutch is not that different from danish, when you know a bit of german and english, (french and latin) too. So in fact I understood what you wrote nevertheless. Thats funny isn´t it, when you have the time, you can actually sort a lot of things out ;-)
    Love, Susanne

  5. Susanne what a lovely tableware! And the tea....teacap...teahood? I don't know how too write it but it is so beautiful.
    It's very cosy in your kitchen.
    Gr. Nancy

  6. What a lovely scene,Suzanne! You'd better watch out with that gardener - with the dim lights and the tasty treats he's liable to get the wrong (or right?) idea - heehee. I look forward to seeing the Orangery too!

  7. Susanna,
    I have always loved your kitchen. Your new china looks so pretty set on the table. The tea cozy is soooo lovely. You must be so pleased with all your new gifts. :-)

  8. It's gorgeous! I'm sure when the gardener starts looking through those beautiful books you'll be able to convince him to have the tile floor!

  9. Beautiful setting as usual Susanne!:)

  10. I love the scene of the tea in the kitchen. I like the chairs and Rosanna's tea set is perfect.

  11. Maravillosa puesta en escena de la mesa de te, en una cocina preciosa.
    Cuidado con el jardinero, jaja.
    Besitos May

    Wonderful staging of the tea table in a kitchen beautiful.
    Watch out for the gardener, jaja.
    Kisses, May