12 May 2010


Today is a fabulous day! I am going to spend 4 days off from work (not that I don´t like it)..and I got minimail! Time to recreate and to be inspired..
I recieved the corsets from Annies mother, Else. They are amazing! I can´t tell you how beautiful they are.
I especially got inspired by the ones on the pictures, and I had to make some stockings to match and to add a few details, that I made earlier. I know the style can be improved, it´s just a prototype. I bought the perfume at Miniseum.
I got more minis and inspiration in the mail, but I´ll show you that another day..
Click on photos to enlarge anf get the beautiful details of Elses work..


  1. Wooow.... So sassy ;0) The stockings turned out fine! I have to give it a try. Those corsets are some of my favorits too. I´m so happy that my mums miniaturemakings can be seen by lots of other miniaturists.

    I need to know one important thing Susanne - The powdercase, where on earth did you get that from?

  2. Annie, yes but the light stockings looks a bit to "fat" I think, allthough it´s the precise same size as the black ones. It´s just the eye, and the eye gets so observant in these scales.
    I also got the powdercase on miniseum.dk, but I will reveal to you, that its just a small necklace-thing, the ones to put pictures of your loved one and yourself into, and that you can buy it a lot of places and just paint one of the innersides like you would want it. I think Bindels might have it, or try Etsy.

  3. The corsets are wonderful and the stockings really complete them.

    Have fun on your time off.

  4. The corsets are wonderful!

    I have made a couple of powder cases also, I bought them from Etsy :)


  5. It breathes a refined atmosphere and already a bit 'cloudy ...
    The accessories are perfect (the powder I've got too, is a small treasure :-)
    I can not wait to see the rest!

  6. I adore the stockings they set off the sauciness of the corsets.

  7. They are stunning! What intricate work!


  8. I have seen corsets Annie, now are perfect paired with socks!
    the powder is beautiful!

  9. These are so pretty your very lucky to have such lovely minis

  10. Enhorabuena, por recibir esos maravillosos corsets.
    Las medias te han quedado preciosas!!
    besitos ascension

  11. The corsets are beautiful and your stockings go very well with them.

  12. Nadie diría que es un prototipo, mas bien parece que lleve años haciéndolos.
    un abrazo

    Nobody would say that is a prototype, but it seems to take years doing it.
    a hug