26 May 2010

Just some small details

..just added a few tiny details. I couldn´t resist placing the lions head on the sink ;-) And then I made some tea towels..


  1. O' thats a nice addition!!! I am also a big fan of everything with lion heads on :D
    Very cute towels!!!
    Synnøve x

  2. Hola Susanne. Qué Más colocar idea genial la Cabeza del León en El fregadero! El mueble ha quedado precioso, y El Detalle de las botellas de vino perfecto, (espero Que el mar vino de la Rioja, es El Mejor del Mundo, jajaja)
    Un abrazo

  3. Todos los detallitos te han quedado genial, los paños estan de maravilla.
    La cabeza de leon en el fregadero ha sido una buena idea
    besitos ascension

  4. The lion head is so cool! The towels are pretty:)

  5. To place the Lion head on the sink was a fab idea! It looks antique, and it made it look complete;)

  6. Kjøkkenet ditt har blitt så koselig ,løvehodet var" prikken over ien "
    Er gulvflisene av papp ?


  7. The lion head is perfect!!
    I like so much all!!

  8. This kitchen is more and more like some old Italian farmhouse in Maremma. I really like the detail of the lion head: traditional yet original! The towels are very delicate. All good :-)

  9. Very nice, I love, you have been a beautiful piece of furniture.
    Comes me very well the idea.
    Carmen kisses

  10. Looks great! Love all of the details. I might have some fabric like your towels? They are very pretty.

  11. Thank you very much everybody!
    Janne: Yes the tiles are cardboard.
    Kathi: The fabric for the towels are from an old t-shirt like the ones you wear in the hospital ;-)
    Love, Susanne