13 March 2010

Yet, some more details..

..I recieved a packet in the mail today with a lot of small items that I ordered on E-bay..I´ll show you some more in the next few days.
There was some more stuff for the Orangerie, as I am beginning to plan the next part of the house, the more pottery-and-with-earth-like-part. I got the two small boxes with seeds in the mail and added the two pots, where I have "planted" what was originally red onions, and put a little green shoots in them, so you can see, that things ARE growing right now ;-)

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  1. Everything looks perfectly in harmony. Love your different chairs Susanne.

  2. I like the mushrooms and the onions. Perfect for the orangerie.

  3. Te felicito, vas a tener una cosecha excelente.
    Todo te esta quedando precioso!!!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. it looks perfect, love your orangerie!!

  5. Don't you love getting new mini's?! And this is looking so pretty--wish I had that feminine, magical touch!


  6. Thank you very much for your comments. And oh yes, I love those days when I get the little packets in the mail when I get home from work ;-)

  7. I love the little growing onions! Everything looks hopeful and cheery :):). You have built a nice little world in that Orangerie, Susanne