28 March 2010

Weekend in miniature

I has certainly been a weekend dedicated to minis!

First Annie and I decided to meet to make minis and spend the weekend together at her lovely house in the country side.
When I arrived, she said Congratulations to me, and I looked quite surprised at her, then she told me, that she had just discovered, that I had won Laras Giveaway!

What a great surprise, I can´t believe my luck. The gift looks so great and fits perfectly into the world of my Orangerie. Thank you SO much, Lara!

Annie and I made flowers while we were drinking champagne (so that Annie could get some chair-material), and being wise about a lot of things ;-

Today my husband came to drive me home, and we passed a shop, that sells dollshouses...and look what I found, the house that I think could fit a lot of my dreams and expectations of a nice house. It has side windows and doors which give a great light in the rooms...

I just had to buy it.
So certainly a weekend in miniature ;-0) Hope you had a nice weekend too!


  1. Wow... Then you became the owner of a new house, so glad you found the shop at your way home. I surely had a very nice weekend... Thanks for great company, and thanks for lending me the book. My mum looks forward to see it tomorrow...

  2. Beautiful dollshouse! Congrats on winninig and buying!

  3. Congratulations on the give a way and your new house, it's beautiful!

  4. Hi Susanne,

    Congratulations on winning the giveaway from Lara!
    Wowwww what a pretty house...it's really a dream house ;-)
    I hope that we may follow the decorating off it her on your blog:-)


  5. Hallo
    Gratulerer så mye ,alltid hyggelig å vinne !
    Å for et flott hus da,hvilken butikk og hvor ligger den .Vi skal til Danmark i sommer .
    God påske til deg og dine !


  6. What a fabulous weekend you had! Mini-ing with a good friend and champagne, no less! winning a giveaway of such beautiful treasures and finding a dream house! Wow!


  7. You've had a nice weekend :) And the house is wonderful, can't wait to see you decorate it :)


  8. That's a great house Susanne, I love the balconies! And you are right about the side windows, they'll be great for light and add extra 'interest' to the rooms :)

    By the way, I think a 'dream' weekend would be to make minis with you and Annie, not only would I become wise after champagne but I'm sure I could believe I could speak Danish! ;)

  9. Thank you all for your nice comments!

    Annie, thanks for your generousity, I am returning to Århus with a lot of presents and inpiration.

    Janne, the shop is in Gl. Rye in the middle of Jutland, but in fact not very recommendable, I will make you a list of the danish minishops, I know. Where are you staying i DK?

    Jody, I love the word Mini-ing ;-)

    Norma, You are always welcome, hope you get to Denmark soon, when we will love to hear you speak the language as your own tongue. Then Annie could get some more funiture-material
    ;-) Seriously, you will be welcome with me any time, if you feel like visiting Europe!!

  10. Tillykke med gaven og huset.
    Sikke en "dyr" fornøjelse at bo i nærheden af en minibutik.
    Os på sjælland glæder os til Farum-mini-messe, så kan jeg få brugt lidt af mine lommepenge. SMIL. God påske

  11. Susanne,Congratulations for winning the giveaway and for your new dollhouse!
    I beleive you´ll make something beutiful to it!


  12. Well done susanne you won a wonderful gift and got an amazing house cant wait to see what you do with it
    hugs Rachel

  13. Wow Susanne, what a beautiful house you have bought. I am looking forward to see you decorating the house.
    And it looks like you and Annie had a lot of fun ;-)

  14. Congratulations. You really had a super weekend, your house is great, I love the balconies.

  15. How stunning dollhouse, Susanne!! I am green with envy, haha. I look forward to see your advance with it. Congrats for your prize too!!

  16. Sounds like a great weekend AND a new property - how good is that? It's a lovely building and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  17. I do hope to make it to Denmark one day. We host students who come to Sydney to study English. One of our favourite previous 'guests' (she's more like a daughter really) that we keep in touch with is Mia, she lives in Copenhagen. One of these days...

  18. Wonderful house! Lucky you.