16 March 2010

Tiffany lamps again..

Well, I have been working with the ornaments from Bindel´s, and last night I created this little Tiffany lamp and hung it in Brocante, together with the other I made some weeks ago. In fact I made more, I just didn´t feel like stopping, and somehow got a little oriental inspired too with the others, I´ll show you that some other time..maybe that will be a new theme for me..
One of the walls in Brocante also got the chosen wallpaper and in fact I made the facade too, but still lots more to do ;-)
Have a nice time!


  1. Beautiful lamps! Hope to see more soon! :)

  2. Hello
    The lamp(s) look fabulous - did you use
    nail polish this time too? I am very eager to
    try that technique, but I don´t think a tiffany
    lamp would look so good in my garden, :)

    Eva J

  3. Your lamps are becoming big WOW factors! They look great.

  4. Thanks, I´m really getting hooked on lamps right now, I wish I had all the right materials in hand. With this I could go on and on, if I just had the time...
    Eva J, yes it´s nailpolish (the very cheep ones, 10 DKR) again...a garden lantern could also be white or light colors, maybe standing on the ground ;-) I saw one at the supermarked today, and wished, I had the items to make it in 1:12.
    Love, Susanne

  5. They're really lovely Susanne :) It's such a clever and effective technique.

  6. I love them, they look great!
    Synnøve :)

  7. really wonderful, you make beautiful lamps!

  8. These are beautiful. I am finally getting around to wiring my 10-year-old's Victoria's Farmhouse she got for Christmas in 2008. I got to the wiring part and was too afraid to proceed. I've promised her we will do this next week during her spring break form 5th grade and tonight I used the 20% off coupon code to order her a chandelier for her dining room! Now I HAVE to do it!


  9. Your lamps are beautiful, you are very talented.

  10. Pretty pretty lamps, please tell me, when you make a sell out in Brocante :0)Or maybe you just have to show me soon...

  11. Hey Susanne, an oriental themed room? I can't wait :). Do you have access to flat filigree pieces? My local bead shops sell some (not sure if they are of the right size though) but I suspect you can glue them with a suitable top to become a garden sitting lantern. I will see if I have suitable ones in my stash.

  12. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments!
    Sans, yes I am wondering about making such a room, I got very inspired by the AIM magazine from december, and I have started too "look around" for materials (have a certain focus on them) and to study such places in magazines and books. And I had a few things allready.
    I don´t have a shop here that sells filigree pieces but I have bought a few on Bindel´s. I will look forward to see how you will make the lantern!