1 March 2010

Darkness on the Edge of Town

..Just want to show you a little corner of Brocante by night..
-Remember to enlarge the photos.


  1. Looks SO great!!!
    I too love to watch my house all lit up at night... pretend it´s a real house :)

  2. Jep, that looks really great, Susanne!

  3. Can't wait to see it properly! Looks intriguing...

  4. This is one of my favorite views, a lit interior at night! We live in South Carolina in the upstate at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains but we have friends who live in Charleston on the coast and it's so beautiful to drive through town at night and look in the windows of the homes, restaurants, shops and upscale condominiums and just catch enough of a glimpse to wonder what is going on inside!


  5. A magical time! Night falls, and the lights go on.

    Looks great Susanne!

  6. It's a beautiful photo. It's really like walking in a street at night time.

  7. Susanna, I would love to enter your shop,If I could!
    Nice to see how it looks at night, very nice!

  8. Beautiful lighting! It has a real good atmosphere.

    o I also have a question: Does anyone else have problems with the followerlists on Blogger? I have to sign up for following a blog multiple times somehow. It seems to not remember me sometimes.

    groetjes Evelien