28 January 2010

Waiting for spring

The days are getting longer, but here it is a very cold winther. We are all longing for warmer days with sun and to see the little signs of spring in the soil. Are the first flowers on their way or do we have to wait longer than this? This year everything is frozen in Denmark.
Nevertheless its time to plan the summer. Both the holidays and the gardens. What do you want this year? Flowers, vegetables, roses, berries? Time to get some seed catalogues and begin the realization. Let the sunshine in!
(Please click to enlarge..but I know that it will reveal that my narcissus-flowers are very primitive... I think my fingers are too big and my eyes needs a very big magnifying glass nowadays ;-))


  1. All the flowers looks great and make me long for spring and summer..... even though it´s months away !

  2. Wonderful flowers Susanne, really looks so so pretty. I love them
    I think that the base of our traditions /your Riz a la mande and our Roscón de Reyes) are similar, like other countries. It is so nice.
    When I was a child my father always try to guess where the trinket was to give to me the slice and that I could find it. ;)

  3. Beutiful flowers you´ve made! I love the ot with th e french lily!
    Here in sweden it keep snowing, this winter will never stop...but soon its spring and summer!

  4. Lovely flowers Susanne. Seems like you have put your "magic wand" over them too:) I love your style.

  5. Another lovely display - the cross stitch is soooo tiny! The snow has disappeared here but is threatening to come back.

  6. This is a very pretty scene Susanne...so restful!

  7. Hello
    Thank for reminding me that there will be
    a spring and a summer! This winter is very
    cold and dark in Sweden. Your little spring
    scene is very pretty and your flowers are lovely!

    Eva J

  8. Eventhough by children and I have enjoyed the snow today :-). I can't help waiting for springtime. And your pictures have help me wanting it more. Thank you for sharing those wonderful springtime pictures.

  9. Suzanne, your flowers are beautiful! I especially love the narcissus! Thank you for visiting my little blog and leaving a kind comment and I am now following you although it says I'm the Carolina Quilter--my mini blog is Mini Leaps and Bounds (and I wish I had chosen a different name for it as well!). I'll look forward to your miniature creations and you should sell items on Etsy and join the Team MIDS group there!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  10. I'm with you Susanne, I can't wait for Spring, your flowers are beautiful!!
    I wanted to let you know that I will be bragging about you on my blog tomorrow! I'll be featuring your darling miniature signs on my blog, for my "Brag Monday" post!!


  11. Thanks for all your kind comments! And Karen, I´m very proud that you will bragg about me ;-)