17 January 2010

Stained glass

This weekend I´ve been experimenting with making lamps in stained glass "Tiffany Style" together with small windows for the Orangerie..it´s still in the preliminary stages, and I´m going to make some frames too..
I found out that the silver lines doesn´t look too good with the glass colors..it has to be golden or bronze to make the right style..so I´ll change the lamp with the peacock pattern..
You can find prints for stained glass and for lamp shades following the link to a danish site about minatures.


  1. Wauuuu...I think they look absolutely stunning. I agree with you, that the silverline doesn´t work as weel as the golden ones. Now I really look forward to experiment myself :o)

  2. ..thanks Annie, I´ve just added the link to Stained glass prints..

  3. Thanks for the link! Love your work, see what I can make of it!


  4. They look beautiful, as all of the little
    things you make! I have tried those printies
    before but they didn´t look like yours at all!
    Did you use some special kind of paper?

    Eva J

  5. Hi Eva! Thank you! I printed on ordinary paper first and then a made a "transparant" or an "overhead" like the ones you use, when you want to display something in a education situation or the like. The precise paper type depends on your printer/copy machine..

  6. They're all lovely but I think the one second from the end is my favourite. They're very cleverly made.

  7. They turned out beautifully! you did some really fine work there.