11 January 2010

Rust never sleeeps?

This weekend I went to the danish miniature shop Miniseum to buy some new long wanted things.It is fare out in the country and everything was covered with snow, very beautifull picture. Unfortunately I had forgotten my camera.
I bought some scenic water to fill the bathtub and birds bath, some scenic rust and flowers among other (small) things. Heres the results..
I love the water and the flowers, but I don´t thing that the scenic rust adds much rust..It could be made with paint added sand also..


  1. Your purchases are so so beautiful. Really, I love them!!

  2. That is a beautiful bathtub! Pretty plants and watering can too! `And the little table is just too sweet. All in all, very successful shopping.

  3. Hello
    The bathtub is something really special, and
    you are so good at taking beautiful pictures

    Eva J

  4. Lovely little items - the pictures are imaginative too.

  5. Wonderful pictures, inspiring and mood-creating!!!!
    Thank you :=)


  6. Hi Susanne,

    Thank you for following me and putting me on your page! I love your blog, already saw much inspiration. I'm very curious about your progress with the orangerie and shop, so keep us posted!


  7. Oh the ironies of life - here you are adding rust in your mini world - and I'm spending time (and money!!) trying to get rid of rust and other signs of decay from my real world cottage! :) I love the bath by the way.

  8. Thank you all for your nice comments!
    And Norma, nice to hear from you again, I´ve been wondering about what you were doing these days, now I got the answer ;-) Maybe you could make a lot of money by making your own niche -little kits with add on autentic rust, dust and so on ;-0))(not that I don´t have dust in real life...)