30 December 2009


I´ve started a new project today - the Brocante boutique. It all started when Annie and I discussed what to do with all the small things I was producing, untill I have decided what kind of house I want. The answer was obvious: A boutique where you "sell" all the things that you want to buy for your own miniature house! I know, I will come there a lot to see whats new ;-)
I got the shop I wished for from a part of my familiy as a christmas present, but I haven´t assembled it yet, because I want to be sure how I want the details first.
Today was ment to be a writing day (working on a chapter for a book in connection to my work), and then the parcel came from Annie with the rest of the christmas presents. Thanks Annie, also for the presents, I don´t mention here..there were so many materials and so much inspiration.
In fact it was so inspiring that I couldn´t concentrate about writing. So heres the results of the day.
I´ve layed a table with things for the Brocante butique. The candle sticks are from Annie, so are the top of the centrepiece, which I´ve patinated, the little dark cross also which I´ve added some pearls, (and placed it among some other pearls and chains), and the crystal ball.
I also got a jewelry rack from Annie, which I ordered in silver - it´s so nice and goes with all the oher silver things I´ve been making. But for this table I wanted something more baroque, so I´ve made it with the most barouque things I had in hand. I´ve added some earrings. The carafle I got from my husband and my son this christmas. The dark angel is a small christmas decoration placed on a bead cap (the other angels are going to be darkened too).

Remember to klick on the photos to see the details..


  1. Ohh...what an elegant shop you´ve got for christmas. I´ll sure be shopping around when it opens...

  2. The Brocante boutique starts promising...I am sure that will be wonderful. Do not forget to keep us updated ;)
    Happy new year!

  3. That is such an interesting collection, I think it will be an inspiring project. Your shop front looks the same as mine which is for an antique shop, with 3 floors of living above but it's all still in pieces at the moment. Hopefully shortly after I get back to Australia in February it will get put together and there may be some progress! :)

  4. Thanks for the comments!
    The shop is only one floor, with an outside staircase that leads to a terrace on the roof with a fence around it. I am going to have outside antiques, garden furniture and son on there ;-)